German born Nigerian, David inspires FC Monglabach to come back win

FC Monglabach came back from 2-0 with 20 minutes to go to win Ratinen 3-2 in a pre season friendly on Saturday.

German born Nigerian David Stockbrink was inspirational to the win scoring a goal and providing one. David who was recently appointed captain of his side has been in impressive form. He led the side to a 5-1 win over ETB Schwarz-weiß Essen and inspired a turn around after FC Monglabach went down 2-0 in the clash against Ratingen.

“I knew we can come back, we Showed character by not giving up after going two goals down” David said moments after the match.

David Stockbrink is eligible to play for Nigeria haven been born of a Nigerian mother to a German father and the attacking midfielder has shown interest in playing for Nigeria if called upon.

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