NFF Spokesperson Blasts ‘Loudmouthed Blabbermouth’ Waldrum As Worst S/Falcons Coach Ever

The ongoing exchange of words between Super Falcons coach Randy Waldrum and the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) took another heated turn as NFF spokesperson, Ademola Olajire, delivered a sharp response to Waldrum’s recent remarks.

The war of words shows no signs of abating, with Waldrum demanding accountability from the NFF regarding FIFA funds and raising concerns about a staff shortage. In response, Olajire did not hold back in his criticism of the coach.

“Incompetent loudmouth. Now he’s found his voice since he’s about to achieve his only ambition of leading a team at the Women’s World Cup,” Olajire told Ahmedu, a reliable source.

Olajire went on to refute Waldrum’s claims, stating, “Everyone knows FIFA pays preparation money for every team participating in the Women’s World Cup. The team has traveled to Japan and Turkey to play matches.

“Currently, they are in a 15-day training camp on the Gold Coast in preparation for the World Cup. Has Mr. Blabbermouth Waldrum been paying for all of this? He claims he is in the job because of the players. That’s nonsense.”

Furthermore, Olajire expressed his opinion that Waldrum’s primary objective has always been to add leading a team at the World Cup to his CV. He labeled Waldrum the worst coach to have ever handled the Super Falcons of Nigeria by a significant margin.

The exchange of words between Waldrum and the NFF continues to escalate, fueling further tension and uncertainty surrounding the Super Falcons’ preparations for the upcoming Women’s World Cup.

Credit: Sportsration

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