Nigerian Refrees Conclude 10-Day Training Programme Ahead Of Upcoming NPFL Season

In preparation of Nigeria Football Referees for the upcoming 2023/2024 Nigeria Premiere League season, the Nigeria Football Referees’ Association (NRA) in conjunction with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) organized a ten day programme for football Referees, Assistant Referees and Referees’ Assessors at Moshood Abiola National Stadium Abuja.

The all encompassing programme that comprised physical fitness test, theories classroom and practical field experiment for the Referees and Assistant Referees; seminar and lecture for the Referees Assessors was well attended by all invited participants from Nigeria.

Addressing newsmen at the sideline of the programme, the President of Nigeria (Football) Referees’ Association, Hon. Alhaji Sani Zubairu (FIFA Referee Retired) said that the exercise is an annual ritual of Nigeria Football Referees towards the kick off of every football league season.

“This is an annual event we normally have towards the commencement of the league and before the commencement of the second stanza, we also have it to review the first stanza and the amendments of the laws of the game to be inline with other Referee in the world.”

Faith Iraboh (FIFA Referee Retired) Chairman Nigeria Football Federation Referees’ committee says “The football season is going to kick off in less than two weeks and to us, we need to do diligence in preparing the Referees, the Assistant Referees for the upcoming season and also the Referee Assessors. We took one week to take care of IFAB amendments of the laws of the game and its application. We went thorough looking at the laws, with football teams practicalizing it in the field of play.

The referees committee chairman asserted that much is expected from the Referees, Assistant Referees and Referees’ Assessors measuring what was impacted in them through out the exercise.

“Last year the performance of the referees was a little above average this year we expect the referees to perform optimally. We have tested them on the physical fitness and also on the laws of the game to know how well they assimilated what they were thought. This season, l am confident, going by the training they had they will do better than the last season”

“For the Assessors, they are the guidance of to the referees they were told what is expected of them is to be referees role models and mentors. The Assessors were also engaged in the practicals models of assessments, and they were tested on what they were thought”.

Speaking strategically, Iraboh further posited that her committee with the backing of Nigeria Football Federation are poised to make Nigeria Football League better, with focus on the 2023/2024 season.

“The NFF Referees’ committee are on their toes working tirelessly to make sure the best is achieved in Nigeria football League. Yes, we having the backing and support of the NFF. They gave us all the necessary tools to be able to train the referees and their Assessors and we have done that ready and waiting for the league to kick off. Talking about Nigerian Football Referees, they are the best in Africa and the world that is the truth, I can’t say less of this”.

She admonished the league management body to organize a talk section for clubs and football stakeholders on the current IFAB amendments of the laws of the game for the to be in the same page with Referees while officiating the game of football.

“We have the do and don’t in this coming season 2022/2024, we are writing to the league management committee on these do and don’t, we expect them to inform the clubs about the amendments of the laws and its applications, not just reading the laws they need to apply it for them to be in the same page with the referees the fans and the club management. We expect as we have perform this, the League management committee will organize and inform stakeholders in football to create a synergy to understanding the referees while they’re officiating matches”. Faith Iraboh concluded.

Credit: Ejimofor Chukwudi; National Publicity Secretary, Nigeria Referees’¬†Association

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