Opportunities Made Joshua – Wilder. I Don’t Have Weaknesses – AJ

Former two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has responded to recent claims by Deontay Wilder over his identity heading into their next fights on December 23 in Saudi Arabia.

The two longtime rivals will co-headline the big event in separate clashes as Joshua will take on veteran contender Otto Wallin while Wilder will take part in a battle of former champions against Joseph Parker.

There is also the possibility of Joshua and Wilder meeting in the first half of 2024, should they win their respective bouts.

Wilder believes Joshua is questioning his own identity because he wasn’t fully made by his own merits.

“I worry about every fight he is in. We question Joshua about his identity. Eddie Hearn built Anthony Joshua, he wasn’t born a champion, he was made a champion,” Wilder said.

“They did an amazing job of promoting him and getting him to the top. I would’ve been the undisputed heavyweight world champion many years ago if I had the opportunities he was given.”

Joshua disagrees with Wilder’s take on the matter saying that he remains strong in his identity even if he was fast-tracked much quicker than Wilder was.

“Who the f— is he? He’s a boxer, not a psychologist. The boy has had 50 fights and he fought Jason Gavern in his 30-something fight, I probably fought him in my twelfth,” Joshua said according to The Sun.

“We are different, my identity is strong. If they’re looking for weaknesses and gaps, then they need to stop looking over here because I’m solid.”

Joshua will be having his third fight of the year, after following his victories over Jermaine Franklin and Robert Helenius.

However, Wilder is coming back in his first fight in over a year, after out scoring a first round knockout over Helenius in October 2022.

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