S/Falcons Coach Waldrum Blast NFF Again! Over Accountability, Staff Shortage

In an effort to shed light on critical matters affecting the Super Falcons, head coach Randy Waldrum has called upon the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to address the allocation of FIFA’s World Cup grant and the shortage of backroom staff.

Waldrum also disclosed details about unpaid salaries and expressed his concerns during various podcast interviews.

During a recent episode of the John Krysinsky podcast, Waldrum expressed disappointment over the NFF’s decision to prevent him from bringing his trusted assistant coach to the World Cup.

He further revealed that both himself and players were facing significant salary arrears, including some outstanding payments dating back to the summer series in the USA.

“Up until about three weeks ago, I had been owed 14 months salary, and then they paid 7 months salary.

“We still have players that haven’t been paid since 2 years ago when we played the summer series in the USA…it is a travesty.”

Speaking on another podcast called The Whistle, Waldrum voiced his concerns and questioned the allocation of funds, stating, “In October, every country was given $960,000 from FIFA to prepare for the World Cup, where is that money?.”

Moreover, Waldrum highlighted the shortage of staff, stating that FIFA regulations permit up to 22 members on the coaching team.

However, the Super Falcons currently have only 11 members and lack crucial scouting personnel, limiting their ability to evaluate both their group rivals and potential opponents.

“FIFA allows your staff to have up to 22 people but we only have 11, we don’t have scouts to watch the teams in our group or potential opponents.”

Credit: Sportsration

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