Super Eagles ranked most expensive team in Africa, 10th in the world

The Super Eagles of Nigeria are now ranked as the 10th most valuable national team in the world and the most expensive squad in Africa according to the transfer market.

The three-time African champions are valued at €467.60m with Napoli forward, Victor Osimhen commanding the highest market value amongst his compatriots.

Morocco (17), Ivory Coast (18) and Senegal (20) make the list of the 20 most valuable national teams in the world and complete the top four most expensive teams in Africa.

Meanwhile, England remains the most valuable national team in world football with a market value of €1.37bn followed by France, Portugal, Brazil and Spain who compete the top 5 most valuable squads in the world.

     Country    Confederation      Market Value
1. England      UEFA                      €1.37bn
2. France        UEFA                      €1.09bn
3. Portugal     UEFA                      €990.00m
4. Brazil          CONMEBOL          €969.00m
5. Spain          UEFA                      €811.00m
6. Argentina   CONMEBOL          €797.50m
7. Germany    UEFA                      €789.50m
8. Italy               UEFA                    €636.50m
9. Netherlands UEFA                    €519.00m
10. Nigeria        CAF                     €467.60m
11. Belgium      UEFA                    €451.30m
12. Norway       UEFA                    €442.85m
13. Uruguay      CONMEBOL        €433.80m
14. Denmark     UEFA                   €403.00m
15. Serbia          UEFA                   €340.70m
16. Croatia        UEFA                    €327.80m
17. Morocco     CAF                      €324.05m
18. Ivory Coast CAF                      €321.08m
19. Ukraine        UEFA                   €271.50m
20. Senegal        CAF                    €263.20m
21. Austria         UEFA                   €256.80m
22. United States CONCACAF      €249.70m
23. Scotland       UEFA                   €249.15m
24. Turkey           UEFA                   €248.90m
25. Sweden         UEFA                   €232.50m

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